“Bersatu Membawa Kejayaan”


The establishment of the Society of the Blind in Malaysia (SBM) are for the objectives as follows:

  • To encourage persons with visual impairment in Malaysia to work for their mutual socio-economic advancement and common good.
  • To uphold the rights of persons with visual impairment to live as participating and contributing citizens of this country and to promote their legitimate interests.
  • To promote communication and understanding among the members of SBM.
  • To promote sports and recreation for persons with visual impairment.
  • To monitor and / or assess services provided for persons with visual impairment by the Government and the Non-Governmental bodies, and to present the considered views and recommendations of The Society on matters concerning persons with visual impairment to the relevant authorities.
  • To cooperate with other organizations in achieving the objectives of SBM.
  • To work towards overcoming social barriers and promote integration between persons with visual impairment and sighted people.
  • To promote the general well-being of persons with visual impairment.
  • To undertake economic ventures in order to strengthen the financial position of SBM and achieve its goals, i.e. all profits derived shall be applied towards the furtherance, promotion and execution of the objectives set forth here-in.