To date, SBM has established 8 main committees to uphold its objectives. Those committees are:



Chairman: Dr. Ahmad Shamsuri Bin Muhammad

The Committee focuses on:

  • Provides incentive awards to blind students for academic excellence
  • Coordinates adult education programmes in Braille literacy and language skills
  • Monitors development in special education
  • Conducts programmes to produce respectable leaders for SBM
  • Conducts courses for employees visually impaired job in Malaysia.



Chairman: Dr. Wong Huey Siew

The purpose of this committee is to:

  • Initiates programmes to preserve the well-being and to enhance the personal qualities of female members
  • Organises programmes for SBM’s senior citizen



Chairman: En. Maznan Bin Mohd Zain

Focus and agenda JPS following as below::

  • Initiates comprehensive programmes to develop 3 sports with potentials
  • Inspires members to be active in all kinds of sport activities at SBM’s branches for healthy living
  • Organizes competitive sports events for SBM members



Chairman: En. Mohd Mustaza Mohamad Zain

Person with disabilities tend to be discriminated for their participation in the labor market. Unemployment among the blind is slightly higher than other disabilities. Thus, Economic Development Committee was set up to focus and empower the visually impaired persons through entrepreneurial scheme. There are 3 divisions under the supervision of The Committee mainly:

  • Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs Empowerment Division
  • Industrial Development Training & Massage Division
  • Business Opportunities & Venture Division

Overall aims of The Committee are:

  • Economic empowerment of its members
  • Improving the ability of its members to economically self-reliance and independent
  • Explore business opportunities and economic ventures for the benefit of visually impaired persons



Chairman: En. Mohd Moktar Bin Soon

The Committee focuses in the area of:

  • To publicise to the visually impaired and the general public on the work of the Society and other agencies of and for the blind
  • To produce and distribute publications such as magazines and periodicals of developments in technology for the blind and those of common interest with the view of providing information and pleasure. They include Main Menu, Reader’s Digest, Braille Monitor and others
  • To oversee the entire functions of The Society’s Audio Unit and to carry out periodical reviews of its functions.
  • To manage the entire production and distribution of the Society’s magazine “Wawasan SBM”
  • To represent The Society in government and non-government agencies as well as private establishments on accessibility issues relating to the visually impaired.
  • To hold, jointly organise and/or to assist in organising of public awareness programs such as the International White Cane Day, talks, forum etc



Chairman: Cik Siti Huraizah Binti Ruslan 

SBM realized youth potential among our members. Therefore, The Committee was formed as part of SBM efforts to empower visually impaired youth in tandem with the country progress:

  • To promote and advocate issues related to youth in general and in particular, the visually impaired youth
  • Establish cooperation with other youth organizations, locally and abroad to empower visually impaired youth
  • Organize and encourage participation among visually impaired youth spiritual, physical, economic and education programs
  • To gain international respect, communal understanding and cooperation through youth activities especially among visually impaired youth
  • Empower the visually impaired youth through programs/activities to produce competent and dedicated leaders for the nation



Chairman: En. Khairul Azwan Bin Wahab

The Committee was formed to:

  • Promote cultural, arts and social programs at the national and international level among the blind
  • Establish contacts, network and cooperation with the relevant organizations at home and abroad which focus on culture, arts and social agenda
  • Coordinate culture, arts and social programs at the branch and regional offices of SBM



Chairman: En. Loh Kong Ken

The Committee was established to offer welfare assistance for the eligible members in greater capacity. Among the schemes offers by the Committee are:

  • Welfare scheme
  • Natural Disaster Relief Scheme
  • Child Education Assistance Scheme
  • Equipment Loan Scheme – for members
  • Equipment Loan Scheme – for office bearers positions